Dhamac Group is proud to be an experienced and leading contributor to the medical field in both management and engineering among others. This is only possible in part to our veteran and accomplished medical experts. This division has over fifteen (15) technical staff, ranging from Medical Gases, Medical Air, Radiology, Dental, Sterilization and Safety.

Our previous experiences include:
Al Khamseen Hospital is a 15 Million US Dollar hospital project in Yemen with a 50-bed capacity. The project was commissioned April of 2006. Dhamac’s services included designing the hospital, construction, installation of medical furniture, outfitting of medical equipment, and establishing logistics & supply chains.


Morganti / AICI Joint Venture

The Millennium Village Hospital Project was 5.3 Million US Dollar contract. Dhamac started the project in October 2005 and it was completed December 2006.Dhamac services included supply, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of medical furniture & equipment.

American Hospital Doha

This project was done by the same management team prior to the creation of Dhamac in August 1999 as a turnkey project. The proposed hospital was 30-bed capacity with concentration on primary health care. The contract included design, equip and manage in the initial stage. The project was completed in August 2000.