About Us – Profile


Through the years the company has been able to secure numerous contracts with international companies who operate in Qatar among them Northrop Grumman Corporation, Parsons, BA system, General Dynamics, L3 communications, ITT Industries, URS/Berger, and IAP among others.

As the company matures, we have begun to diversify, and enter new markets. Among those markets real estate, healthcare, spa and beautification, transportation, landscaping, and maintenance.

Dhamac Group owns and operates its subsidiary landscaping & maintenance company Gardenia Decor that specializes in planning, designing, implementation of garden works, forestation & reforestation, irrigation, and agriculture maintenance.

Among other company activates Dhamac actively bids on both government and private sector tenders. We have qualified personnel in the areas of biomedical, electronics, information technology, mechanical, building maintenance, and cleaning services. We cover both equipment as well as services that make us one of the best providers in Qatar.

During our short history we have seen consistent growth while at the same time maintaining our high quality customer service that we have become known for. That growth is contributed to our company’s business ethos strong teamwork and professionalism. Along with our business ethos client input is extremely important and is an integral part of what we do and how we do it.